The Couple's Tao Te Ching

I wrote The Couple's book to express the congruence of Taoist thought with my experience of love with Nancy. It is for couples of any sort who are in a loving, supportive, and compassionate relationship.

"The perfect book for couples to savor in bed together one day at a time." -- Jennifer Louden, author of The Couple's Comfort Book

"In a culture where loving associations are often treated as not much more than optional interludes, it's a singular delight to find a book successfully establishing that such relationships can, instead, fill lives with a joy and fulfillment not to be found elsewhere.  Bill Martin has already proved himself a noteworthy Tao Te Ching scholar, and in this book he does so yet again." -- George Fowler, best-selling author of Dance of a Fallen Monk: A Journey to Enlightenment