The Tao of Forgiveness

From Publisher's Weekly:

"With parables, exercises, and "mind meditations," Martin (The Parent's Tao Te Ching) explores forgiveness from a Taoist standpoint. Rather than merely adding a twist of Lao-tzu to this essential yet often difficult action, Martin goes for the big picture. An accepting, nonjudgmental attitude (he calls it "Tao Mind") must come first. Only then can forgiveness of self, others, and the world be possible.

Martin's commentary is usually spent contrasting Tao Mind with the strict and resentful conditioned mind. Exercises to locate Tao Mind are interactive; readers who follow them will be breaking plates, walking around with eyes closed, and moving rocks around. Those who jump in and complete the exercises may be pleasantly surprised.

Also inspiring is the author's use of analogy. A particularly affecting example places forgiving thoughts within a tea ceremony. Forgiveness is a paradox -- what should be the most effortless thing to do is often the hardest. Fortunately, the Tao is no stranger to paradox, and Martin proves it can be a vital resource for anyone holding on to not letting go."