A Path and a Practice

This book is in three sections. The first is an introduction to Taoist thought; the second is one of my own translations of The Tao Te Ching; and the last contains what I hope are practical tips on putting a Taoist life into practice in the modern world.

"On these pages, you will find Lao-tzu's lyrical tributes to living in the present moment, seeing the polarities of life in a positive way, accepting the Divine Feminine in all things, savoring one's experience and letting go, walking the path of gentleness and flexibility, sitting still in silence, being hospitable to all, practicing simplicity, moving beyond praise and blame, and watching things with "the detached interest of a newborn." The author has done a fine job giving us a vivid sense of the profundity of this spiritual classic and its relevance to our lives."

- From review in Spirituality and Practice.